Missing support for gpg-agent


I understand that aerc implements its own keyring pgp, and this may be easier for users using pgp solely within their email client. This is however often not the case, for example I use GPG for

  • email
  • password storage (via pass)
  • SSH pubkey authentication
  • manual signing of files to be released
  • manual verification of signatures
  • I keep my keys in a smartcard

As you see GnuPG won't go away, and maintaining a single keyring is already painful enough, really.

Could aerc implement a gpg-agent client to optionally give access to the GnuPG keyring? From a quick search looks like there are Go libraries allowing it.

In any case thanks for aerc, it's some fresh air after years if not decades of frustration with the existing email clients.

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3 years ago
3 years ago

~bfiedler 3 years ago

Isn't this mentioned in #424 and its related tickets?

~ctrm 3 years ago

Well, this is similar to https://todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc2/420, which has been closed as a WONTFIX for no clear reason.

~labrat REPORTED WONT_FIX 3 years ago

We discussed gpg in detail in #aerc-dev a few days ago. Under no circumstances is gpg support going to be added to aerc; we intend to continue developing our internal keyring.

~ctrm WONT_FIX REPORTED 3 years ago

Can the rationale be elaborated a bit more? I know I can't come here with demands for features, at least unless I'm ready to submit patches, but an explanation a bit better than "has been discussed on irc and it's a no" would at least prevent duplicate tickets.

~labrat REPORTED WONT_FIX 3 years ago

Stop reopening tickets that we close. I don't think the point could be made any clearer than "Under no circumstances is gpg support going to be added to aerc"


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