Problems with folders with square brackets (maildir)

On maildir backend, aerc seems to fail when copying/moving messages to a folder, which has square brackets in its name, like [test].

When I try to copy a message to such a folder, it reports the following error:

could not copy message 969: maildir: key 1604464143.citron.local.949571000212ece86f727c1ec0dd4a matches 0 files.

And if I take a look at the filesystem, then I notice the following:

  1. This is the contents of the source folder, test:

    ~/Maildir/test/cur> ls -la total 68K -rw-r--r-- 1 s 31K Nov 4 00:31 1604462839.M934234P89860Q2.citron.local:2, -rw-r--r-- 1 s 15K Nov 3 21:37 1604462852.M72207P89860Q3.citron.local:2, -rw-r--r-- 1 s 4.1K Nov 3 22:32 1604462855.M585571P89860Q4.citron.local:2, -rw-r--r-- 1 s 3.0K Nov 3 20:53 1604462855.M600502P89860Q5.citron.local:2, -rw-r--r-- 1 s 2.1K Nov 3 20:51 1604462855.M612264P89860Q6.citron.local:2, -rw-r--r-- 1 s 3.6K Nov 3 20:50 1604462855.M624851P89860Q7.citron.local:2,S

  2. This is the contents of the destination folder, [test] after the failed cp command:

    ~/Maildir/[test]/cur> dir total 4.0K -rw------- 1 s 2.1K Nov 4 06:29 1604464143.citron.local.949571000212ece86f727c1ec0dd4a2,

And if I :cf [test], the directory sidebar will say that I have 1 message there but the folder itself will display none. However, if in the shell I will rename this only message in the [test] folder from 1604464143.citron.local.949571000212ece86f727c1ec0dd4a2, to 1604464143.citron.local.949571000212ece86f727c1ec0dd4a:2, then I will be able to see and open the message (or copy it from [test] to any other folder) just fine.

So, the problem seems to arise when copying/moving TO a folder with the square brackets. More precisely, a colon in the name of the message somehow gets "eaten".

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3 months ago
3 months ago

~john1doe REPORTED FIXED 3 months ago

~labrat FIXED REPORTED 3 months ago

~labrat 3 months ago*

until the fix is in aerc it still exists, doesn't matter if upstream fixed it.

And if I understood correctly it isn't merged yet as well, so hold your horses

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