Wrong filter path if installed from source

When aerc is installed from source, the following error is thrown when opening a plaintext email:

awk: fatal: cannot open source file /usr/share/aerc/filters/plaintext for reading: No such file or directory

That happens because the share folder when installing from source is /usr/local/share rather than /usr/share. This is correctly set by the Makefile but isn't reflected in aerc's codebase.

#177 seems related. I didn't pass any parameters to make though.

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8 months ago
8 months ago
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~labrat REPORTED INVALID 8 months ago

The default aerc.conf gets generated when you run make: text/*=awk -f /usr/local/share/aerc/filters/plaintext <- as per a recent make run just now without any flags.

That default file will only be copied to the actual location where the config is loaded from if it doesn't already exist, meaning when you first run aerc. From then on the user is responsible for editing the config, even if they recompile with a different sharedir

~nfraprado 8 months ago

Ooh I'm sorry, I presumed that path would be something hardcoded and updated by the makefile, but of course it makes sense that it is set in the config file... I fixed my config file and everything looks great. Thanks for clarifying!

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