High CPU Usage when aerc is closed wrong

When closing aerc with the usual :quit or the keypress q, aerc quits normally.

But when closing aerc using my window managers shortcut for closing windows ALT+SHIFT+C, aerc does not close, it completely spikes my CPU and uses both cores. This is not good as I am used to closing applications with ALT+SHIFT+C more than the aerc-specific keybinds/commands :quit or q. If any more information is needed, please ask..

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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~yusz 2 years ago

No, I meant that aerc the actual cli application DOES close with my window managers shortcut to close windows ALT+SHIFT+C, but it closes and then spikes the cpu with an aerc background process.

~yusz 2 years ago

Closing aerc normally with either the q key on the keyboard or :quit in the aerc console does close aerc AND the background process and does not spike the CPU.

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