aerc recently started crashing on quit a lot

Not sure when it started, but recently aerc started crashing A LOT on quitting. Feels like it happens after I sent an email. I keep waiting a few seconds after finishing an email until the "Message sent" status line appears, but it still crashes a lot.

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1 year, 1 month ago
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~goto-engineering 1 year, 1 month ago

Just got it again. Happened after sending an email and then quitting. Here's the crash log:

aerc has encountered a critical error and has terminated. Please help us fix this by sending this log and the steps to reproduce the crash to: ~rjarry/aerc-devel@lists.sr.ht

Thank you

This error was also written to: /tmp/aerc-crash-20220825-151756.log panic: runtime error: index out of range [3] with length 3 [recovered] panic: runtime error: index out of range [3] with length 3

goroutine 1 [running]: git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/logging.PanicHandler() git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/logging/panic-logger.go:47 +0x6de panic({0x56353df61320, 0xc001822600}) runtime/panic.go:844 +0x258 git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets.(*Aerc).focus(0xc0003a4000, {0x0?, 0x0}) git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets/aerc.go:466 +0x139 git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets.(*Aerc).BeginExCommand.func2() git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets/aerc.go:497 +0x4c git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets.(*ExLine).Event(0xc001bbce10, {0x56353df9eeb8?, 0xc001216840?}) git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets/exline.go:82 +0xd1 git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets.(*Aerc).Event(0x3a4000?, {0x56353df9eeb8?, 0xc001216840?}) git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets/aerc.go:241 +0x39c git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets.(*Aerc).simulate(0xc0003a4000, {0xc00038ab40, 0x7, 0xc00039c288?}) git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets/aerc.go:230 +0x8d git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets.(*Aerc).Event(0xc0003a4000, {0x56353df9eeb8?, 0xc000a3a1a0?}) git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/widgets/aerc.go:258 +0x378 git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/lib/ui.(*UI).Tick(0xc000384000) git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/lib/ui/ui.go:101 +0x195 main.main() git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/aerc.go:227 +0xb14

~goto-engineering 1 year, 1 month ago

So it happened about a dozen times today, and I noticed that it doesn't seem strictly on quitting aerc as much as on leaving an email. I'll open an email, write a reply, send it. I typically wait until it says in the status line that the email has been sent. Then, when I hit the button to go back to the main inbox screen, aerc crashes. I have to start it again to read the next email.

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