Add option for organizing messages into threads

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4 months ago
5 days ago
feature imap

~dxu 30 days ago


This could be quite nice for following along on a long mailing list discussion.

~jeffas 7 days ago

https://github.com/emersion/go-imap-sortthread now has support for threading so this could make some progress.

I'm not entirely sure how the design for threading inside the client would work, config option / command / something else?

~labrat 7 days ago

A config option, you'll want to be able to set that to the default upon startup.

Commands aren't good for that

~dxu 6 days ago

I could see some use in being able to flip between date-sorted and thread-sorted. For example you just want to see the latest messages and then use a command to see the previous messages in the thread. That's sort of like how gmail works.

I certainly would not object to just having a config option as a first pass.

~labrat 5 days ago

You can always flip config options at runtime

set .

~labrat 5 days ago

... thanks sr.ht for stripping html that isn't even HTML for God's sake!

set category.option value

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