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#81 Encrypt secrets with keys derived from user OAuth tokens 2 days ago ~sircmpwn
#94 PGP key servers are unreliable 7 days ago ~sircmpwn
#87 Force LF line endings for secrets 3 months ago ~hummer12007
#86 Implement manual build restarting 3 months ago ~emersion
#78 Write APKGBUILDs for build runners 6 months ago ~sircmpwn
#35 Add more base images 6 months ago ~sircmpwn
#77 Fill in favicon with a color to indicate build status 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#46 Add build timeouts 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#74 Add static manifests 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#72 Implement token revocation 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#71 Consider doing remote sanity checks before committing 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#67 Arch Linux builds don't fail if pacman exits nonzero 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#66 Write scripts for initial image builds 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#65 Add project pages 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#64 Add build artifacts 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#58 Implement build caches 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#56 Add build tags to the build page 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#55 Cache build logs from build slaves on master 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#54 Implement user-defined build images 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#53 Updated time is < created time on new builds for some reason 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#52 Implement job groups 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#51 Implement manual build cancellation 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#50 Cleanly finish up running builds when deploying new workers 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#49 See if we can't build qcows without libguestfs 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#43 Design an API for guest<->runner communication 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
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