Failure emails contain raw markdown

Example: the failure email generated by this build:

libtelnet-reflex/.build.yml #62451: FAILED in 4m52s

[ec59ae2](https://git.sr.ht/~jack/libtelnet-reflex/commit/ec59ae2ed0c56624276d4861f3508d50fa24bb2e) — [Jack Kelly](mailto:jack@jackkelly.name)

<pre>Put all deps into update script


✓ nix-caches ✗ ghc843

I know sr.ht focuses on plain-text email, It would be nice to render the text/plain version with links in footnotes or something.

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~sircmpwn 9 months ago

Hm, a bit of a tough problem. We don't have an authoritative non-markdown source for this text. Perhaps we should let the submitter specify a plaintext version and just do best-effort if they don't include one.

~jack 9 months ago

I think that unless there's a canonical plain-text renderer for markdown, you might be stuck. Most of markdown looks pretty nice in plain text, and the only thing that really grates is the use of <pre> tags in the text/plain part.

If you do not rewrap, maybe indenting the commit message using four spaces instead of using <pre> tags would work better?

~sircmpwn 9 months ago

Four spaces sounds like a good idea. The links are more difficult to make look nice. Perhaps we could use the alternative markdown link format, like this:

[ec59ae2][0] - [Jack Kelly][1]

    Put all deps into update script

[0]: https://git.sr.ht/~jack/libtelnet-reflex/commit/ec59ae2ed0c56624276d4861f3508d50fa24bb2e
[1]: mailto:jack@jackkelly.name

~sircmpwn 9 months ago

We should also replace &mdash with an actual unicode —

~jack 9 months ago

Four spaces is the biggest win. Replacing entities with unicode is a smaller but noticeable win. Rendering links into footnotes ([0] etc.) is good but the smallest win.

I think what I'm looking for is emails from sr.ht, as a service that sends in text/plain only shouldn't look like they have HTML leaking into them.

~sircmpwn 9 months ago

Well we might as well improve the shit out of it if we're going to improve it at all. The problem isn't really emails from sr.ht should not look like HTML, but that the email should look good. HTML looks bad, but it's the symptom, not the problem.

~pwr 7 months ago

Grammatically-wise, the em dash should actually be an en dash.

~sircmpwn closed duplicate ticket #231 7 months ago

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