~sircmpwn/builds.sr.ht#35: Add more base images

  • [ ] Fedora server
  • [ ] Gentoo
  • [ ] OpenSUSE
  • [ ] OpenBSD
  • [ ] Minix

Would appreciate help from users of each in maintaining these.

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1 year, 10 months ago
2 months ago
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~sircmpwn 11 months ago

CentOS and Fedora have been explicitly requested.

~sircmpwn 11 months ago

Alpine has been added.

~sircmpwn 9 months ago

Need an Arch Hurd image

~fnux 5 months ago

As discussed at FOSDEM's sr.ht meetup, I can help with the Fedora (rawhide) images.

~sircmpwn 5 months ago

Excellent! The issue is with rawhide support at the moment. I have added (broken) rawhide rigging to the builds.sr.ht repo:


The easiest way to reproduce the issue is to submit that .build.yml to builds.sr.ht with release: rawhide. If you play around with this and can get something working, a patch would be super great. Cheers!

~fnux 5 months ago

I was able to fix the GPG issue but there's a broken dependency issue in rawhide (most likely due to the recent mass rebuild) for one of the package we want to install. I will fix the problem from the Fedora side, you can expect a patch in a few days.

~sircmpwn 5 months ago


~andrewrk 5 months ago

Zig project is about to have a use case for OpenBSD builds: https://github.com/ziglang/zig/pull/1921

~sircmpwn 5 months ago

Cool. I'm almost done with NetBSD and can probably start working on OpenBSD in 2 weeks.

~oranenj 2 months ago

Have you made progress with OpenBSD? I got struck by a strange mood and cobbled together something that can build a QEMU-bootable disk image of OpenBSD on OpenBSD, but I haven't yet tested it with builds.sr.ht itself since I don't have it set up locally.

I'm still figuring out a suitable workflow for collaboration. :P

~sircmpwn 2 months ago

Hey ~oranenj! The FreeBSD image is pretty stable and the NetBSD image would be done if it weren't for one issue, but I haven't spent any time on OpenBSD yet. I'd love your help in making it available on builds.sr.ht. Can you stop by #sr.ht on irc.freenode.net to chat?

~sircmpwn 2 months ago

OpenBSD is now live. Thanks ~oranenj!