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Sometimes I know that a build will fail or does not have to be run, so if I knew where to click to cancel the build, I'd save you some server running cost ;) But either such a button is not present, or I didn't find it, therefore the feature request.

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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~sircmpwn REPORTED INVALID 7 months ago

You can click cancel build on builds.sr.ht. You have to be logged in, though.

~samuelgruetter INVALID REPORTED 7 months ago

I'm logged in, but I can't find that button. Maybe it's because I'm pushing to a repo owned by my collaborator, to which he gave me push access? If that's indeed the reason, I'd raise the following feature request: It should be possible to cancel builds on repos to which I have push access.

~sircmpwn REPORTED INVALID 7 months ago

Please don't re-open this, leave it be while we have the discussion. Cancelling builds is supported, if another ticket is necessary we can make one.

Is this a Github repo or Sourcehut repo?

~samuelgruetter 7 months ago

It's a sourcehut repo (which happens to be also on github, but I don't think sourcehut is aware of that). I'm looking at the page https://builds.sr.ht/~andres/bedrock2, logged in as user samuelgruetter, trying to cancel the build of a commit authored by me (but with an email address in the git commit which does not match the email address I used to sign up for sourcehut).

~sircmpwn 7 months ago

Okay, then that should be feasible once this ticket is done:


But the feature request belongs on the git.sr.ht bug tracker, not this one - git.sr.ht submits builds itself. Feel free to open a feature request there. Cheers!

~samuelgruetter 7 months ago

I see, makes sense!

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