AsciiDoc support for READMEs

It would be nice to see AsciiDoc be supported by the README renderer on project homepages.

There's two implementations that would do a good job to fill this role...

  • asciidoc3 is recently finished port of the original Python 2 asciidoc interpreter to Python 3. It has a Python API that could be used directly.
  • asciidoctor, which is used by GitHub, but unfortunately lacks a Python module of any sort, being written in Ruby. Just calling the interpreter is an option but that's not very ideal. It has a few extensions over the original though. In my opinion it's got more people using it, though.
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~sircmpwn REPORTED WONT_FIX 3 years ago

I have been asked to add many additional formats, and I have long said no. This is especially true of asciidoc, which is so complicated that I don't feel in the least bit comfortable running it against arbitrary user data in a production context.

~somasis 3 years ago

Hmm, okay. Could there perhaps be some way to use builds.sr.ht to set what git.sr.ht's project page shows, then?

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