Mail to @git.sr.ht address bounces

I've received this patch https://lists.sr.ht/~tsdh/public-inbox/patches/25665 on my mailinglist. The Reply-To is set to the contributor's private mail address but the From header is set to ~jirutka <jirutka@git.sr.ht> so when I "reply all"-ed this address was Cc-ed and bounced several days with smtp; 454 4.7.1 <jirutka@git.sr.ht>: Relay access denied: retry timeout exceeded.

I'm not sure where this address came from but Drew told me on IRC to file a bug because @git.sr.ht should be set up as a blackhole anyway.

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6 months ago
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~johnmuhl 6 months ago

These bounced emails make it hard to use or recommend the prepare a patchset feature.

Is this still planned? Is there anything that could be done to help move it forward?

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