Commit commentary silently persists and cannot be removed


I was playing around with the "Prepare a patchset" functionality. I noticed that commentary from the "Add commentary" field persists when you restart the Prepare a patchset process, yet it only shows in the review phase, and not in the Add commentary field.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. View any repo on your own account
  2. Hit "Prepare a patchset"
  3. Select any commit
  4. Hit continue
  5. Add any comment to the commit
  6. Hit continue
  7. Notice a comment has been added to the patch:
  8. Do not send the patchset, instead, go back to the repo
  9. Hit "Prepare a patchset" again
  10. Select the previously selected commit
  11. Notice that the "Add commentary" field is empty
  12. Hit continue
  13. Notice that the patchset contains the commentary from step 5

Expected behavior: The commentary from step 5 is present in the Add commentary field during step 11, and removing it at that step removes it from the final patchset.

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