API not on par with git.sr.ht

This ticket is simple: API of hr.sr.ht is not in similar state as git.sr.ht's.

From the beginning, there is no documented API for hg.sr.ht:

Also it seems to me hg.sr.ht's API is not implemented at all, or this is not so obvious:

My use case was to try webhooks in my hg repo, and I thought that however there are no docs then by analogy to git.sr.ht's API I can achieve at least GET /api/:username/repos/:name/webhooks . :(

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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~sircmpwn 7 months ago

The hg.sr.ht API is blocked on finding someone knowledgable enough about Mercurial internals to design it. We need to find the best way to expose the Mercurial primitives over a RESTish API.

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