Sources redirect directly to repo if there's only one

Instead of doing sources -> repo list -> repo, do sources -> repo to avoid a useless click.

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5 months ago
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~amiryal 5 months ago

I would wait with this one until #15 (Add project backlinks to resources on each service) is done.

~rwa 5 months ago

Same optimization should be applied to mailing lists and tickets as well :)

~samwhited 5 months ago

Personally I don't love this idea. I think consistency of behavior is more important than saving a click. I don't have a good argument for why it should or should not be done though other than "if I expect to see a list I should see the list all of the time, not just some of the time" which is more just a weakly held opinion.

~mvdan 5 months ago

I agree with this issue; the current UI isn't great for the majority of projects, where there's just one git repo and one issue tracker.

A redirect isn't our only option, though. The page could also simply list some of the issues, such as the most recent ones, under the link to the issue tracker. This could also be done for any number of issue trackers; you could think of it as an "activity feed" of issues only.

~sircmpwn REPORTED FIXED a month ago

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