Submit builds jobs for patches targeting a specific branch

Currently, hub.sr.ht submits a job for any patch sent to a mailing list for a repo with a build manifest, but _apply_patch will only target the default branch, so developing on multiple branches is more difficult.

We should

  • determine a good way to specify target branch (maybe [PATCH repo-name branch-name v2 1/2]: check if other conventions exist first)
  • patch hub to handle this
  • make sure lists can handle this
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4 months ago
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~earboxer 4 months ago

I couldn't find any conventions for specification of branch. Patchwork doesn't even have a convention for specification of target-repo, but patchwork's documentation does say

it's also possible to have multiple projects in the same list using the subject as filter.

Their subject_match code allows defining arbitrary regular expressions to match the project when a list has multiple projects, so there's lots of customizability allowed here.

The only alternative I could think of would be [PATCH repo-name@branch-name v2 1/2]. (It's unlikely a repository name would contain an @, though we are already using space as a separator.)

Ideally, we'd want something that can be used easily with git send-email, but it doesn't seem like they have anything made for this.

Using the @ sign would give a shorter way of defining the subject for a list that only has one project: e.g. [PATCH @branch v3 0/3]. This would also remove ambiguity of sending a patch to a branch named "v3".

~williewillus referenced this from #85 2 months ago

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