Tickets related to the mailing list service.

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#37 No "New post" button for logged-in users on lists which don't permit subscriber participation 2 days ago ~emersion
#36 No "New post" button for logged-out users on lists which permit non-subscriber participation 4 days ago ~sircmpwn
#35 Add button to collapse replies/branches in thread view 4 days ago ~sircmpwn
#34 Stitch threads back together if replies-to-replies come in later than replies 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#32 Make it easier to get the message ID for an arbitrary email 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#33 Add option to skip fowarding if you're copied on the email 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#31 Wire up old subscriptions on account creation 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#30 Subscribe to external mailing lists 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#8 Participate in mailing lists via the web 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#28 Implement user/email-specific permission overrides 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#27 Show users who can't browse an empty list 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#22 Provide mbox imports and exports of lists 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#26 Update list.updated when new mails come in 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#25 Trim long emails in dashboard/user pages 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#24 Linkify URLs in emails, show quotes in grey 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#23 Provide list owners with a CSV import/export of subscribers 9 days ago ~sircmpwn
#20 Write documentation 10 days ago ~sircmpwn
#19 Reject emails with empty bodies 10 days ago ~sircmpwn
#18 Persist PGP information in database 10 days ago ~sircmpwn
#16 Build patchset emails via the web 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#14 Generate GitHub pull requests from patch emails 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#13 Generate patch emails from GitHub pull requests 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#11 Patch review UI 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#10 Implement filtering email into queues 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#9 Implement mail queues 9 months ago ~sircmpwn