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3 years ago
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~aminb 3 years ago

Would also be nice to show a list of user's is subscriptions to on their dashboard and/or their profile.

~sircmpwn 3 years ago

Good call.

~jack 2 years ago

A nice interim fix could be a way to easily get the References: and In-Reply-To: headers for the user to copy into his mailer.

~sircmpwn 2 years ago

You can get the message ID - expand the "Details" on the archive.

~anarcat 2 years ago

yeah, actually i just download the raw message... speaking of which, it would be nice to download the whole mailbox of messages too, while we're at it. :)

~jack 2 years ago

I have successfully done that, but my reading of https://cr.yp.to/immhf/thread.html suggests maintaining longer lists of references in the References: header. It would be nice to have that readily available if I wanted to reply to a leaf post in a long thread.

~sircmpwn 2 years ago


~anarcat 2 years ago

we need a +1 thing here to avoid spamming everyone with "me too" comments. ;)

(consider this a +1 :p)

~bandali 2 years ago

While at it with adding the References header to the link, we should also add Cc with the address of the list itself along with the addresses of the parents of the post being replied to. Right now the link only contains the sender's address and In-Reply-To.

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