Org mode support?


I have heavily used both Markdown and Org mode. And I have grown to prefer Org mode over the other because of better (subjective, of course) syntax, etc.

Org mode is supported by Pandoc and even the rendered on GitHub/Gitlab.

[If this is possible, I would write manuals and wikis for my repos directly in Org mode.]

Is this something you would consider supporting?


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~sircmpwn 5 years ago

Do you know of a good Python module for converting org mode to HTML?

~kaushalmodi 5 years ago

There isn't one that I know of that would 100% support the Org mode spec. Coincidentally, a discussion is going on here.

~kaushalmodi 5 years ago

If using static binaries is an option, Pandoc provides those. But I understand that that wouldn't be efficient.

~sircmpwn 5 years ago

I would prefer a pure Python implementation. If you spent some time working on making that a reality, I would add org mode support to man.sr.ht.

~kaushalmodi 5 years ago

Understood. Thank you for considering this.

~arkhan 3 years ago

Any update on this? you could use: https://github.com/mooz/org-js/

~zrsk 3 years ago*

Maybe this is better since it's pure Python? https://github.com/karlicoss/orgparse

I know it's only a parser but it should be easy to write an HTML renderer if it's what you would need. I don't know how sourcehut works and I wouldn't be able to integrate in the codebase, but I could write a simple Python class/function that use orgparse to generate HTML from the org code.

~sircmpwn: tell me if you are interested.

~sircmpwn 3 years ago

No, the preferred approach is now the following:


And note that you use ~, not @, to mention people on sr.ht.

~sircmpwn REPORTED WONT_FIX 3 years ago

~zrsk 3 years ago

Cool, I didn't know. This is a more versatile approach. Thank you.

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