Tickets for the authentication service

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#46 Cipher Twofish256 not supported (for PGP emails) 2 days ago ~wolf480pl
#43 Automatically log you into other sites on log in to any 15 days ago ~sircmpwn
#42 Complete OAuth implementation 15 days ago ~sircmpwn
#41 Invalidate user sessions on password change a month ago ~sircmpwn
#29 Add user groups and access groups 5 months ago ~sircmpwn
#35 Handle SSH keys better 6 months ago ~sircmpwn
#39 Deleting the PGP key for encrypting emails 500s 7 months ago ~sircmpwn
#32 Add public profile page with links to rest of network 7 months ago ~sircmpwn
#36 Permit markdown in profile summaries 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#33 API for configuring a client's delegated scopes automatically 9 months ago ~sircmpwn
#31 Refactor delegated OAuth to be less shit and more secure 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#28 Implement webhooks 10 months ago ~sircmpwn