Main navigation needs static order/positioning of menu items

The navigation across the top of the site (to the right of "sr.ht {app}") changes between apps/sites which makes it a bit confusing when navigating between them.

For instance here on todo the order is:

[todo] man | meta | git | dispatch | lists | builds

but on meta it's

[meta] todo | man | git | dispatch | lists | builds

I realize the reason is partly because you're removing the currently actvie site from the menu items (as it's shown on the left) but I think it would be better to leave it in the menu items and highlight it as well so that the menu can be consistent across the sites and as a tool I can expect access dispatch to always be in the same ordered position in the main menu no matter which site I'm on.

It's a bit of stumbling block if I have to pause to re-read the menu every time when I'm jumping back and forth between sites.

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3 years ago
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~sircmpwn 3 years ago

Agreed, this will be changed soon.

~notmgsk referenced this from #274 1 year, 2 months ago

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