Only allow /logout if the referer is ourselves

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~ancarda 8 months ago

Alternative suggestion: implement secure cookies (i.e. set the httponly, secure, and samesite flags) and this ceases to be a problem, at-least for recent browsers.

If you want to provide protection to old browsers, you can do it without the referer header (which, afaik, can be blocked by some security/privacy browser extensions). You just hash the cookies value, and put that in a GET param. You can then statelessly check that the same cookie (sr.ht.unified-login.v1) was sent because it matches the copy given in the GET request.

In other words, to make a valid logout URL, you need the cookie - which you didn't have hence why you were trying to trick the browser into logging out. Something like this:


I don't know Python, but this might be simple enough for me to get something working. I just can't find the login_user function.

~sircmpwn 8 months ago

This isn't a CSRF issue, but rather just a problem of duping someone into clicking a link like this.

~ancarda 8 months ago

Would the GET param I described above protect against that? I do believe that's a better solution than checking the referer header.

~sircmpwn 8 months ago

Well, I don't mind the idea of someone bookmarking the URL to log out without having to click our link.

~samwhited 8 months ago

It may not be a CSRF issue because you have SameSite set, but we don't have to trick users into clicking a link either. They could just visit a page with an embedded pre-load link or image, eg. visiting this issue will log you out without any user input (note that the thing that logs you out is a comment which an attacker could put in any issue):


The usual way to fix this is to make the logout link a form and a POST request.


On Tue, Sep 1, 2020, at 17:21, ~sircmpwn wrote:

This isn't a CSRF issue, but rather just a problem of duping someone into clicking a link like this.

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