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#115 Only show a user's own activity on their profile page 3 days ago ~sircmpwn
#113 Use CSS grids for ticket list 7 days ago ~sircmpwn
#107 Replies to ticket notifications should add comments 12 days ago ~gjost
#106 List authored tickets on home page 12 days ago ~gjost
#32 Implement tracker deletion 18 days ago ~sircmpwn
#103 Anonymous users can't do most write activities 22 days ago ~sircmpwn
#77 Implement ticket assignees a month ago ~sircmpwn
#18 Add ticket labels a month ago ~sircmpwn
#8 Implement transferring tickets to other boards a month ago ~sircmpwn
#102 Consider non-default default font size for .container width 4 months ago ~rx14
#98 Add subscribers list page (for tickets, boards) 5 months ago ~przemoc 19 
#101 Track the reason a user was emailed 5 months ago ~sircmpwn
#100 Ctrl + Enter should submit the comment/ticket 5 months ago ~grayhatter
#66 Link repos to trackers 5 months ago ~sircmpwn
#99 Add subscriptions page (for users) 5 months ago ~przemoc
#97 Add In-Reply-To: field in sent mails 6 months ago ~przemoc
#94 Optionally notify user about tickets and comments they authored 7 months ago ~przemoc
#89 Make comment timestamps a link to that comment 7 months ago ~sircmpwn
#86 Consider permissions when showing tracker/event lists on profiles 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#84 Add status:open search alias 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#81 New tickets should be marked read upon creation 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#60 Add @mentions or something to that effect 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#80 Automatically import/sync tickets from other sites 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#67 Link GitHub repos to trackers 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
#36 Implement GitHub-style checkbox lists 10 months ago ~sircmpwn
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