Anonymous users can't do most write activities

Even if they're granted access.

Not sure what the best way to address this is.

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~nova 11 months ago

I'd be interested in working on this, it's a blocker for me using todo.sr.ht effectively.

~sircmpwn 11 months ago

Can you explain more about why this is a blocker for you? I was considering doing away with anonymous users entirely.

~nova 11 months ago

It's often useful to receive bug reports from users without accounts, since that's friction to reporting. My alternative is to wrap my user account (or an anon-report account) to report bugs through another form, and I'd prefer not to do that.

~adamh 10 months ago

I've also run across this. I was planning on using one of my trackers to help organise an event with some friends. Being able to run it myself, but let others submit/comment anonymously would be very useful, as I then don't need to convince others to create accounts on a service that they probably wouldn't use outside of the one event.

~nenieorg 10 months ago

What about spam? Anonymous users on a successful project and/or platform will inevitably attract spam if the anon poster contributions is not moderated.

~adamh for your use case you may not need fully anonymous users: the ability to send links that contains one-off credentials for the event/person, so that there's no registration friction, without inviting the entire world to use your tracker as a pastebin.

~wiktor 8 months ago

Maybe if there was an e-mail interface for todo.sr.ht users could just e-mail the tracker and that'd create a ticket? This way no account is necessary and virtually everyone (guesstimate here) has an e-mail account.

~spacekookie 4 months ago

While I do like the idea of e-mail issue reporting, I do think that anonymous tickets are important too. Considering how easy it's to create an account, I don't think that just letting anyone post an issue is really that much worse when it comes to spam.

~sircmpwn REPORTED FIXED 5 days ago

For now participating by email fills this niche sufficiently, and I don't intend to do totally anonymous participation right now.

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