Add "delete" action to comments

As a user of todo, I have occasionally pressed submit on a comment before I meant to, or messed up the formatting of the markdown.

Ideally, I would like to be able to delete comments such as the above (or collapse them, so that they can't be seen) so that I can re-submit the comment.

Alternatively, the ability to edit a comment would solve the above issues.

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~sircmpwn REPORTED BY_DESIGN 8 months ago

Because an email gets sent to all subscribers after you comment - and you can't take this back - the inability to edit or delete comments is by design. You'll have to learn to use more care when pressing submit.

~adamh 8 months ago

I don't think this is a good design. At the very least, there needs to be better UX to emphasise that comments are immutable.

It's reasonable to assume that, say, a mailing list is immutable (once you send an email, you can't un-send it), but with a form that supports markdown etc it is somewhat unclear as to whether it's just a mutable database entry, or something immutable. Additionally, given that comments support markdown with no preview option, and given that markdown can be a fickle beast to format correctly, it's very likely that users will submit comments that don't render in the way they expect, even if they've checked the comment itself.

I'm not going to re-open the issue, as I understand your rationale, but I would suggest that a reworking of the flow for submitting a comment would be useful. At very least a preview/confirmation would be helpful.

~jayaura 8 months ago

Or may be another workaround would be to allow edits to comments and send a notification email telling that the comment has been modified. In a way it is no different than the same person sending another comment. But with ability to edit, it reduces the noise in the comment section.

~sircmpwn 8 months ago

Something I may eventually consider is holding messages in a staging area and only genuinely posting them after a delay - in the meanwhile allowing you to revise or delete them if you want. The delay could be user-configurable.

~adamh 8 months ago

Perhaps a “confirm” page, before submission, with a chance to check markdown formatting, typos, etc would be better than a staging area?

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