Quotes disappear from ticket comments

When quotation marks are included in a comment to a ticket, they appear to be removed after the ticket is submitted. They do not appear in the page source either, so it's likely not a client-side rendering issue.

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8 months ago
8 months ago
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~jpsamaroo 8 months ago

Just to illustrate the bug, the following text is wrapped in quotes: Hello world!

~jpsamaroo 8 months ago

This appears to be some issue during rendering somewhere, since quotes do show up in the database entry, and the ticket title at the top does show the quotes. However, ticket description and ticket comments do not. Additionally, tracker descriptions also do not show quotes.

~ihabunek 8 months ago

Found the problem, misaka which is used for markdown rendering renders quotes as <q>bla</q>, and bleach is configured to strip quotes which are not whitelisted. is not whitelisted. Sending a patch now.

~ihabunek 8 months ago

Heh, found another issue, I wrote <q> before is not whitelisted in the above comment and it's not rendered.

~sircmpwn REPORTED FIXED 8 months ago

~sircmpwn 8 months ago

Thanks for the patch!

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