Misleading error when tracker name is too short

When trying to create a tracker with a name of two characters you get the following error:

Must be between 2 and 256 characters

The same way I consider a number between 1 and 10 to mean the range inclusive 1 and 10, I'd think that a name of two characters is OK. I suggest we either change the message (could just append exclusive on the end), or change the limit.

Is there a reason why this limit is there? It seems there are quite a few programs that are only two characters long, and it would be convenient to have the tracker name be the same as the repo name (repository names seemingly have no such limit)

Relevant line (could not find where repo details are validated on creation).

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~sircmpwn REPORTED DUPLICATE 7 months ago

There's an ongoing discussion on the mailing list about improving and unifying name limitations site-wide.

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