404 page served by https://sr.ht is not a great look

I wanted to promote https://builds.sr.ht to my colleagues as an alternative to another service that was mentioned, but mis-remembered the URL, and typed https://sr.ht/builds instead. The resulting 404 page contains two anime images, one of which is (apparently) a high school girl in a short skirt. This is a really bad look for what is otherwise an extremely clean, minimal, and professional service. I think it would be great if this could mirror the 404 situation at e.g. https://builds.sr.ht/xyz instead.

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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~sircmpwn 4 months ago

This is a historical artifact which will eventually be removed, but I am by no means in a hurry to do so. If a brief glimpse of a short skirt compromises your professional intergrity, the bug seems to be a PEBKAC issue.

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~peterbourgon 4 months ago

On the contrary, it compromises yours. But if you aren't convinced by this report, then I guess you will not be convinced.

~sircmpwn REPORTED BY_DESIGN 4 months ago

~peterbourgon 4 months ago

For the record, I'm surprisingly disappointed by your response here. It should not be controversial to note that anime girls have no place in a professional software setting, and removing them should be easy, obvious, and immediate.

~sircmpwn 4 months ago

Your objection has been noted. Like I said, it's a historical artifact and will eventually be removed in the natural course of resolving the issues brought up by those historical circumstances. sr.ht has not always been sourcehut and I don't create dead links. The software which was once on this domain remains there still, with some redirects in place, and I'm not going to change that because you're bothered by seeing some SFW artwork in an obscure corner of the site.

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