Add support for attached images

To lower the effort of reporting bugs, please add direct support for attaching images to reports. Either through the web interface or through attachmed images in email reports.

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~dean-weaver 2 years ago ยท edit

+1, this is the single most common missing feature that I encounter while using todo.sr.ht.

Accepting attached images via email + via drag-n-drop in the WebUI (and generating a corresponding markdown line) would be in line with the SourceHut values of being simple and minimalistic.

I suppose that the biggest issue in implementing this feature is that it might considerably increase bandwidth required to host todo.sr.ht, but that potentially can be mitigated by placing a small and strict limit on the size of the images (e.g. 100KB). For better user experience, the system can accept larger images and then resize to fit into the limit. Screenshots / diagrams is what people are looking to attach, not their holiday photos or animated memes.

I am potentially available to help with the implementation, but an encouragement and initial directions from the todo.sr.ht maintainers would be appreciated.

~mcepl a month ago*

-1 that means hosting binary blobs on the SourceHut infrastructure and need to deal with junk like https://lwn.net/Articles/971008/.

Meanwhile, linking to other locations works just fine:

Tux, the Linux mascot

~whynothugo a month ago

We can avoid falling for the same issues as above by simply using the name of the uploader as prefix, rather than the name of the repo owner. I don't think that anyone is going to assume that https://files.sr.ht/~microsoft/calc.exe is anything official from MS anyway.

Allowing users to upload images to sourcehut ensure that the image remains available as long as the issue tracker remains available. Consider that many folks don't have a reliable server to self-host arbitrary images, and sites like imgur might decide to one day start pruning all anonymous content.

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