Questions about name of trackers

Could someone please explain the reason of this constraint: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht/tree/master/todosrht/types/tracker.py#L70

I am asking this because this constraint does not exist for git.sr.ht where I have actually a repository name 'Newspipe'. And I would like to harmonize the names.

It is not a problem if I have to use lowercase everywhere. I am just asking.

thank you

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~sircmpwn 8 months ago

I would accept a patch aligning the naming constraints with git.sr.ht here.

~cedric 8 months ago

Is there a list for todo.sr.ht? First I wanted to tried git send-email. The email is sent but few seconds after I received an email because, indeed, the list seems to not exist. So I tried via the web interface (send a patchset) and just after having clicked on "Send patchset" there is an "Internal Server Error" displayed in a white page. I will try again.

~sircmpwn 8 months ago

It's ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev@lists.sr.ht, same as all sr.ht projects.

~cedric 8 months ago

It just worked through the Web interface. I had to remove the cover letter. So it was this text:

""" Aligning the naming constraints with git.sr.ht:

  • repository name must be at least one character, not two;
  • fist character can be uppercase (but not a numeric);
  • in general accepts only alphanumeric characters or ._-


I did not change the definition of the tracker name in the models (sa.Unicode(1024)). For git.sr.ht it's sa.Unicode(256) (scmsrht/repos/repository.py: name = sa.Column(256, nullable=False)) """

~cedric referenced this from #193 8 months ago

~cedric 8 months ago

It's ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev@lists.sr.ht, same as all sr.ht projects. OK thank you!

~cedric 8 months ago

Finally did it with git send-email. I am really sorry for the formatting and especially the subject of the email... I'll improve this.

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