The sorting order of tickets

order: the order in which tickets are displayed. By default this is by time of last update Wouldn't it be better to sort them by time of last activity? It seems more reasonable that some really old ticket someone submits new information to should be on the front page than some ticket that's just fairly fresh, even if it has no activity.

It's regrettable if tickets which don't grab attention get lost, but it's arguably even worse if tickets which do grab attention get lost. In the worst case, you can always bump a ticket which has fallen down, but it's in poor taste to intentionally duplicate a ticket.

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~crocmagnon 4 years ago

It is sorted by last activity. At least at the time of writing this comment 😊

By "last activity", I mean that if I add a comment on a ticket now, it bumps this ticket to the top of the tracker.

Maybe this should be closed?

~sircmpwn REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

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