Improve usability regarding code snippets in ticket descriptions

This ticket refers to this thread on the sr.ht-discuss list.

Currently, displaying a ticket with a description with long code lines, as here, requires a lot of horizontal scrolling to read the code (in this case rather a stacktrace). This way, it's really difficult to comprehend the code/stacktrace.

Drew DeVault pointed out in the discussion that long logs should be put on paste.sr.ht, and I agree. But I think shorter (in lines) snippets shouldn't require a separate paste.


  • To encourage the use of paste.sr.ht for longer code/stacktraces/logs, there should be a remark near the description field when entering a ticket.

  • For the remaining uses (i.e. without paste.sr.ht) change the ticket display layout so that code of "normal" widths (e.g. 100 characters) requires no or only little horizontal scrolling.

    Of course, this won't be achievable on small displays, but there's room for improvement even on "normal" monitors. The current layout doesn't use the available space even if the browser window is stretched to the maximum width. Instead, a user sees a lot of unused space left and right of the actual ticket content. An alternative to make the real ticket display wider would be to put the meta information that's currently on the right, above the ticket instead. Of course, both approaches may be combined.

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