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#13 Add subcategories on parent trackers 3 days ago ~sircmpwn
#30 Select subtrackers during ticket creation 3 days ago ~sircmpwn
#82 Manually (un)subscribe to/from tickets, boards 3 days ago ~sircmpwn
#114 Remove support for nested trackers 3 days ago ~sircmpwn
#1 Login redirect doesn't return to the previous page 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#111 Sort trackers on profile by updated, limit to 15 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#112 Show 15 recent events on profile/index pages 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#110 Implement standard authentication 6 days ago ~sircmpwn
#104 Let users edit their comments 7 days ago ~gjost
#108 Implement standard pagination 7 days ago ~sircmpwn
#105 Tracker configuration is visible to non-owners 7 days ago ~gjost
#88 Add tracker configuration page 7 days ago ~sircmpwn
#3 Implement tracker configuration 8 days ago ~sircmpwn
#109 Markdown code blocks not working 8 days ago ~akkartik
#90 Logged out users viewing empty profiles see create tracker link a month ago ~sircmpwn
#91 Comments by others are attributed to you in notification display a month ago ~sircmpwn
#19 Trackers with no subcategories render weirdly a month ago ~sircmpwn
#96 Align ticket id to the right in ticket list view and make its column as narrow as possible 7 months ago ~przemoc
#95 Record event of renaming title 7 months ago ~przemoc
#93 Better Subject: field in sent mails 7 months ago ~przemoc
#92 Better From: field in sent mails 7 months ago ~przemoc
#76 Move Edit button when ticket has a description 7 months ago ~sircmpwn
#87 Profile pages say "welcome back" if the user has no bio from 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#83 Add public user pages 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
#85 Add padding to bottom of dashboard 8 months ago ~sircmpwn
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