Free software with closed communities

e.g. sqlite or joe random's tarball with no bugtracker

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~jamnor 11 months ago

I think Cinelerra is an interesting example of this. Adam Williams releases a yearly source tarball along with the binary release, and doesn't include version control. Amusingly, it's hosted on Sourceforge but bug reports and pull requests never receive any response, though the code might actually get merged. The mailing list seems to be exclusively occupied by scam emails.

This led to the creation of Cinelerra-CV (Community Version), which was a version of the project more people could work on together and release more frequently (though the original project still merges some changes from CV). Eventually, we got Cinelerra-GG (Good Guy), which is another community version, but taken in a different direction.

There's a lot of history to dig into there, and many conclusions to draw about the value of a community and why Cinelerra-CV isn't really around anymore.

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