names should allow namespaces

namespace.name should be allowed. I don't think this needs to create any special data-structures, a simple string-wise comparison when split on the . should be fine. This is to allow refinement when dealing with your notes.

The motivating example for this feature is the ability to have a public namespace, say with public.note1 public.note2 etc. Then you can call can export --namespace public and have a website built out of only things you've placed in the public section

namespaces would not restrict linking between notes in different namespaces, though commands dealing with namespaces could be configured to follow inter-namespace connections or not.

no organisation of the notes themselves should happen with namespaces - this is for naming and meta-level grouping of things (such as public/private, mine/yours, possibly team-based in a group notebook?) - organisation should be encouraged through notes linking, transcluding and chaining between each-other.

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