resize note visualisation

The ability to quickly resize a note within the worktop. Whether to aid in reading without a side-bar or to indicate relative importance of notes

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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~localghost 2 years ago

Is there any upper limit on how big a note can be? Could there be some organic mechanism for splitting big notes into smaller units which then share a common theme? This comment isn't directly related to resizing a note's window I guess, but it made me think

~sjm 2 years ago

There's a bunch of discussion on the idea of note-size in the zettelkasten community. The general consensus is a note should be an atomic concept, whatever that means, with some context to put it into place. In (my own, opinionated) practice, this is a simplification. Some notes are atomic concepts, some notes are explorations of the connections between those concepts. I've never had one of those notes get big enough to split, but I have come back to a note and realised that a paragraph could be a note in it's own right as it's really connecting a few ideas together - or even stands alone as a related concept.

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