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I'm not sold on the utility of a notes-as-a-graph view, but expanding on #3 (tiled view of open notes), and the ideas put forward in Andy Matuschak's Peripheral Vision note, might it be possible to have a single note as the 'centrepiece', with notes it links to dynamically displayed around it's edges. This could allow for 'dismissal', or for 'following the chain of ideas'

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3 years ago
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~localghost 3 years ago

Could one perhaps split the viewpane in order to follow multiple paths through a chain of ideas?

~sjm 3 years ago

I like that - or possibly spawn a whole new (terminology not-yet-defined) pane/buffer/view/tab.

Possibly keep a graph-based history of traversal also?

~sjm 3 years ago

I added #5 to cover the idea of the graph-based history

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