#12 Support function keys after F12 4 minutes ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rockorager/vaxis

Would be great if vaxis could support function keys like F13 or F31 for instance.

#11 Support Ctrl / Alt / Shift + Arrows 5 minutes ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rockorager/vaxis

Would be great if vaxis could recognize keys like Ctrl+Left or Shift+Up.

#229 regression: ipc fails to communicate 7 days ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc

If aerc is not currently running, then, if starting it with aerc mailto:, aerc reports

Failed to communicate to aerc: dial unix /run/user/1000/aerc.sock: connect: no such file or directory

Then freezes and has to be killed.

Happens since https://git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/commit/fd4dd42408856048dd71f83ae1f30e2ab84621da

Observed on Ubuntu 22.04.

(If aerc is already running, then aerc mailto: command indeed spawn a new compose window in the running instance.)

#118 Configure items shown on compose::review screen 9 days ago

Comment by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc

~rjarry, speaking of the latest status change, the original ticket said

what is shown on the review screen

And the mentioned commit only fixes the accompanying help text :) We still can't change the order (I think?) and the presence -- like, if a user wants to hide / skip some mappings from this screen.

Donno, if there are any plans to actually implement more customisation here (though it would be great: e.g., if an empty or a special annotation is found, the key would be skipped, etc), just pointing out that the commit in question does not exactly closes the original issue :)

#169 Folder-specific bindings do not work? 29 days ago

on ~rjarry/aerc

~skejg or/and ~justinesmithies is this still an issue for you on current master?

#199 :flag -a sets "flagged", not "answered"? 2 months ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc

In 0.16.0-81-g91b26ad93f93, when executing :flag -a on an email, I get this response:

Setting flag "flagged" successful

and indeed the 'flagged' flag is being set.

Prior to that, in 0.16.0-20, for instance, the reply was:

Setting flag 'answered' successful

And the 'answered' flag was set.

#76 Under certain conditions, fails when listing messages (details inside) 9 months ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~soywod/pimalaya

When we tell himalaya to list messages, and:

  • --page is not 1
  • --page-size is such that it exceeds the number of the remaining messages (e.g., we want to list 30 messages but only 27 are left)

himalaya fails with the following error:

> himalaya list -s 30 -p 10
Error: cannot fetch imap emails within uid range 5,4,3,2,1,0

Caused by:
    Bad Response: Command syntax error. sc=HsJvYEJQuSw0_080354_imap-production-862

(Here the number of the messages on page 10 is less than 30 -- i.e., 27)

If --page is not specified, and --page-size exceeds the number of messages available, then all the available messages are shown. Probably, should act the same when --page is added, just show all the remaining messages.

#75 Make table width option increase the table width 9 months ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~soywod/pimalaya

When listing messages, the -w option can to some extent decrease the width (by decreasing the Subject: column) but it seems it can't increase the width more that the auto detected one.

Which is a pity because we can't expand the listing to occupy the whole terminal (so that the columns would always be at the same place).

What do you think? May be it could simply widen with spaces the very same Subject: column when increasing?

Requires #114.

#169 Folder-specific bindings do not work? 9 months ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc

Don't know if it's just me but if I have the following in my binds.conf:

D = :move Trash<Enter>
D = :delete-message<Enter>

Then the latter doesn't work (aerc still attempts to move messages to Trash despite this folder-specific binding).

#168 Something like :next-unread / :prev-unread? 9 months ago

Comment by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc


Not really, as you will always have to start from the first unread message.

Let's say there are unread messages above and below the currently selected one. And then a user wants to jump to the next unread one. So, they start this search, but the cursor jumps to the first unread message, so then they'll have to call the :next-result command [quite] a few times.