#105 Exact match mode for the completion fuzzy search 27 days ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc

As of today, when searching the completion menu, we have two options, either search for consecutive characters starting from the beginning of the string, or to fuzzy search.

However, fzf, for example, also has the so called exact mode, which will search for consecutive characters anywhere in the string.

E.g., if we have the following menu items:


then as of now, to select the aerc folder, we will either have to enter archive/ae with the fuzzy-complete option disabled, or aerc with the fuzzy-complete option enabled.

However, if we had something like fzf's exact mode, then just ae would be enough.

What do you think, would it be possible to add such option?

#104 Popover menu regression 27 days ago

Ticket created by ~skejg on ~rjarry/aerc

Let's say we have the following binding:

gl = :cf<space>

Given this, earlier, pressing gl would lead to the popover menu of folders immediately appearing for completion.

Now, back in September somewhere after v.0.12.0-56 something has gone broken, and after pressing gl for the completion menu to appear we'd still have to press <Tab> or <Space> or some other key.

Today, with the completion-min-chars option introduced, it would make sense that after setting


the completion popover would again appear instantly after pressing gl. But it still doesn't. Which seems like a bug to me :)

The related part of my aerc.conf for the reference:

# Activates fuzzy search in commands and their arguments: the typed string is
# searched in the command or option in any position, and need not be
# consecutive characters in the command or option.

# How long to wait after the last input before auto-completion is triggered.
# Default: 250ms

# The minimum required characters to allow auto-completion to be triggered after
# completion-delay.
# Default: 1

# Global switch for completion popovers
# Default: true