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#3 Document minimum server requirements in P2000 a month ago

Ticket created by ~skuzzymiglet on ~rbn/neinp

It would be nice to have the requirements in https://godoc.org/go.rbn.im/neinp#NopP2000 [also] be included as comments in P2000

#2 Errror mounting demo filesystem a month ago

Ticket created by ~skuzzymiglet on ~rbn/neinp

I tried to mount the filesystem demonstrated in https://godoc.org/go.rbn.im/neinp#ex-Server

The 9p tool from plan9port, and 9pfuse gave this error:

$ 9pfuse 'localhost:9999' mnt/
9pfuse: fsmount: fsversion: fsrpc: not implemented

#333 [releases] Change file upload input to "multiple" 2 months ago

Ticket created by ~skuzzymiglet on ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht

Usually people want to add multiple binaries to releases, so the file input should allow multiple files (GitHub does this).

Maybe the same on hg.sr.ht