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#8 Racket applications over Gemini 4 months ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini


#8 Racket applications over Gemini 1 year, 6 days ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini


I think this is great! You've done fantastic work there. I don't feel it is quite in the spirit of Gemini though, the community wants Gemini to be a document sharing network more than an application sharing platform, but that doesn't preclude you adding that feature at all. It will just be a exclusive feature of that client.

I haven't been focusing on Fafi lately, I'm working on other projects that are not Racket-based. What I would recommend is for you to fork the project and take it forward with your own vision. I don't want my lack of attention to Fafi to block you from doing cool stuff. I'm only touching this project once every couple months, that is not active enough to warrant contributors sending patches. It is not respectful with the people contributing to have their code linger for weeks without any comment.

So, what I want to say is that I'm quite impressed by what you've accomplished and that I think the best way forward for that kind of vision is to be independent from Fafi which is currently so slow moving that it might be frozen.

#7 Running fails on Fedora 34 with the following output: 1 year, 3 months ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini

Will close it due to lack of followup.


#7 Running fails on Fedora 34 with the following output: 1 year, 10 months ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini

~hruvulum from the error, I think you need gui-lib 1.55 which I believe comes up only in later versions of Racket. Can you try upgrading to version 8.2? It is the current version.

#7 Running fails on Fedora 34 with the following output: 2 years ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini


That looks like an error that would have happened when using an older version of Racket. Can you tell me which version you're running? Fafi uses some GUI routines that are not present in older versions.

Best Andre

#6 Building fails on macOS 2 years ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini


I just made a new release. It is v0.9. I tried using it to build a standalone version for the mac and it worked. I've uploaded the generated version to the v0.9 page. I am new to generating releases and I suspect I left debug-mode? set to #t in config.rkt when I generated the mac release, so do not worry if you end up with console output full of debug information.

Anyway, feel free to reach out to me in case you need any support or have any feedback. Thanks!

#6 Building fails on macOS 2 years ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini

This has been fixed in:


I am working on some large features right now and a new release will take a bit of time but feel free to pick that commit, it should just work.


#6 Building fails on macOS 2 years ago

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#6 Building fails on macOS 2 years ago

bug added by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini

#6 Building fails on macOS 2 years ago

Comment by ~soapdog on ~soapdog/racket-gemini

Hi Borja,

Just to let you know that I managed to reproduce the error here. It appears to be related to the fact that macOS uses application bundles. The value passed to the assemble-distribution in non-macOS platforms is the binary executable for the platform but on macOS it is a folder. Somehow Racket trips itself in that case.

I am trying to solve this. I wish the documentation on assemble-distribution was better.