#146 glownotify: escape tildes 2 years ago

Ticket created by ~sonatagreen on ~nova/fletcher

When a glowfic post contains tildes (e.g. https://glowfic.com/replies/1750327#reply-1750327), they come through raw in the glownotify update message, potentially being interpreted as markdown for strikethrough. Tildes and other markdown-relevant characters should be escaped to prevent this sort of thing.

#145 !help glownotify 2 years ago

Ticket created by ~sonatagreen on ~nova/fletcher

The !glownotify command sometimes yields an informative error/documentation message, but not in all cases; on at least one occasion it produced a different, less informative error message. I haven't figured out exactly what the criteria are. Places where it would be nice to produce it include:

  • !help glownotify
  • !glownotify invalidsyntax
  • !glownotify in a channel with insufficient permissions (additional error-message information here would be helpful)
  • !glownotify in DM

For reference, the message:

swag !glownotify: Manage subscriptions for glowfic post Minimum Arguments (2): [subscribe|unsubscribe] [URL of post|Author name]

("swag" is underlined; I don't know of a way to produce that in sourcehut markdown.)

#94 Better feedback for failed commands 2 years ago

Comment by ~sonatagreen on ~nova/fletcher

Related to point 2 (and maybe 3?), attempting to invoke a nonexistent command (e.g. !invalidcommand) yields no response; some sort of error message would be nice here.