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#197 Fall back to SEARCH when SORT is not implemented 19 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

I'm not very clear on the version structure of neverest vs. pimalaya. How can I check when the next release ("beta.5") has landed?

You can check the release section:


You can also join the Matrix room dedicated to the Neverest project:


-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#213 Make error message more clear when first sync needed 21 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

I'll leave this issue open, though. Because it is useful to improve this error message telling the user to run the same.

I agree, let me rename the issue.

#210 mml/himalaya: Plain text part is shown before html text part in iOS mail 21 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

Writing MML by hand would probably be more intuitive if empty lines around the actual content—i.e. empty lines after <#[multi]part …> and before <#/[multi]part> would just be ignored.

The problem is that you break the layout the user tried to set up. Let say you have the following:

Here an attachment:

<#part filename=./attachment.jpeg disposition=attachment><#/part>

Hope you will get it!

By trimming empty lines and white spaces before and after parts, client may just display:

Here an attachment:Hope you will get it!

Actually the lib displays:

Here an attachment:

Hope you will get it!

which seems closer to what the user really wanted to send.

Not sure how to properly deal with it.

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#212 Split messages printed by `himalaya message read` in some way 28 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

In summary, I am asking for two distinct features:

  • When --output json is specified with himalaya message read, offer more than just a single string blob, but allow the messages to be consumed one by one.

An issue already exists for this purpose, see:


  • Optionally (but preferably), implement an --mbox option allowing messages to be printed in git mbox format.

Let's keep the issue for that purpose. What the date refers to? Now? The received date? The sent date (the same as the Date header)?

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#210 mml/himalaya: Plain text part is shown before html text part in iOS mail 28 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

Maybe, we can add a simple example named multipart.eml?

Definitely. Let's keep the issue open for this purpose!

In fact, I made two mistakes playing with your excellent software: I forgot multipart and I added some empty lines.

The template […] produces:

text/plain text/html text/plain (empty)

Maybe it could also be documented where empty lines are allowed within MML?

Not sure about this behaviour. I remember that I deliberately accepted this trade off, so users have better control, but now I doubt. It does not make sense to compile empty parts, but this implies to "modify" the user choice. What do you think? Should we accept or deny empty parts? Should it be customizable with an option?

Meanwhile I will do some tests with the original Emacs MML module to see how it behaves in this particular case.

And thanks again for this project. Himalaya + MML is an excellent way to write e.g. HTML newsletters with plain text fallback.

I'm glad to hear that! I rarely get feedback about MML, so feel free to do so :)

I got an idea once: to support markdown parts. They could be automatically compiled into a multipart alternative composed of one plain version of the markdown and one HTML version of the markdown. It could be even more useful for newsletters.

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#204 Error when listing E-Mails on vim 29 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

Reproduction steps:

:Himalaya jgr ZQ

Indeed I am able to reproduce the same behaviour, both on Vim and Neovim.

What we could do is try to check if we have a single window or more. In case of a single window (email listing) we split and in case of more than one (reading email) we replace the window.

I applied your patch, I think it is a good enough solution. Thank you for digging the issue and find a solution!

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#210 mml/himalaya: Plain text part is shown before html text part in iOS mail 29 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya


I just happened to notice that when you use this [mml example] with Himalaya, in iOS Mail both parts—text/plain and text/html—are visible. Other email programs display this correctly, i.e. only the text/html part.

In fact Apple is right, the example you are refering to produces a "multipart/mixed" part composed of 3 subparts: "text/plain", "text/html" and an image. They should all be displayed in theory.

If you want to let clients show either the plain or the HTML, then you need to explicitly wrap them into a "multipart/alternative" part:

In practice, when a client sees a plain with a HTML part (no matter the multipart type), it acts like a "multipart/alternative" and chose the one the most suitable.

Nothing we can do about it, except maybe to rename examples to make them more explicit?

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#209 Specify himalaya configuration through HIMALAYA_ environment variables. 29 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

Thank you, I really like the idea. Good to know that clap supports it. I just merged your PR, it will be available for the next release!


#208 himalaya --help should list command to display configuration information 29 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

The himalaya --help command does not seem to provide and kind of "info" command that would inform the user of the configuration setup of himalaya

I planned to introduce a new command doctor, that would be a mixed of configure and the hypothetical info you are refering to.

Let's keep the issue open for this purpose.

Thank you,

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me

#207 University authentication page 29 days ago

Comment by ~soywod on ~soywod/pimalaya

I'm trying to access with my university credentials but the redirect uri has to be different from localhost since it has to match the one configured in the application on Azure made by my university.

This is the error when clicking on the link generated by himalaya accounts configure command:

The redirect URI 'http://localhost:49152' specified in the request does not match the redirect URIs configured for the application '00000002-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000'.

I can propose you to expose new IMAP and SMTP options oauth2-redirect-host and oauth2-redirect-port and see if it helps you?

-- Regards Clément DOUIN https://soywod.me