Implement auto configuration (~9d)

A good source of inspiration is Thunderbird with their autoconfig:

All the lookup mechanisms use the email address domain as base for the lookup. For example, for the email address fred@example.com , the lookup is performed as (in this order):

  • tb-install-dir/isp/example.com.xml on the harddisk
  • check for autoconfig.example.com
  • look up of "example.com" in the ISPDB
  • look up "MX example.com" in DNS, and for mx1.mail.hoster.com, look up "hoster.com" in the ISPDB
  • try to guess (imap.example.com, smtp.example.com etc.)

Dust-Mail already implement good things related to discovery and could be use as a source of inspiration.

Original post:

sender = "smtp" shouldn't make host/post mandatory, these can be auto-discovered with the email address using DNS:


  • Implement a Thunderbird autoconfig codec (a parser already exists here). (~2d)
  • Implement a Microsoft autodiscover codec (a parser already exists here). (~2d)
  • Implement a DNS discover, based on dns-mail-discover. (~2d)
  • Implement and plug auto configuration of an AccountConfig. This should be done in the lib so it can be used by interfaces. (~2d)
  • Redact docs. (~1d)
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~soywod 5 months ago

This feature could be a great addition, and it would indeed prevent us to mark host and port as required fields. Thank you for the idea!

~whynothugo 5 months ago*

I think you can basically copy the implementation that I wrote for caldav and just replace the b"\x08_caldavs\x04_tcp" bits with b"\x0b_submission\x04_tcp".

~soywod 5 months ago


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