Make table width option increase the table width

When listing messages, the -w option can to some extent decrease the width (by decreasing the Subject: column) but it seems it can't increase the width more that the auto detected one.

Which is a pity because we can't expand the listing to occupy the whole terminal (so that the columns would always be at the same place).

What do you think? May be it could simply widen with spaces the very same Subject: column when increasing?

Requires #114.

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1 year, 1 month ago
6 months ago
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~soywod 1 year, 1 month ago

Indeed, it is a good point. There is two other tasks related to the table: customize table colors #7 and ability to shrink more than one column #28, it could be a good occasion to do them all together!

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~soywod 6 months ago

This option will require a new variant in the configuration, because this case is a mix between fixed and auto: we need a fixed value set at the terminal sized detected by auto.

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