Show if a message has an attachment in list command (~4d)

hi, I have no way of figuring out if a mail has an attachment. (though I could parse all header files, but who wants that?).

can we provide a flag or some sort to show if a message has an attachment in himalaya or himalaya list respectively?

I see #16 regarding this. but Im not sure. my flags are still empty. v0.5.10 here.


#email-lib (~2d)

  • Add list option and account config option to check if an envelope has an attachment.
  • Add boolean to the envelope struct and fill it only if the new option is given (either from account config or from list options).
  • Adjust backend features to correctly fill this new envelope boolean.

#himalaya (~2d)

  • Add config option to show attachment icon by default or not.
  • Add an attachment icon in flag columns if --attachment is given (or if config option is set) and if the envelope has an attachment.
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9 months ago
14 days ago
0:mou 1:email-lib 2:himalaya 3:cli

~soywod (edited) 9 months ago

I see #16 regarding this. but Im not sure. my flags are still empty.

Yes, it was one of the first feature I implemented, but the code changed so much since and this feature was removed because of perf issues. The list command lists only the envelopes of emails: it is faster, but there is no information about attachments. Maybe I can propose to introduce a new flag (sth like himalaya list --full) that could fetch emails instead of envelopes, and so we could show information about attachments. What do you think?

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