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#195 Feature request: Preview and/or edit comments 10 months ago

Comment by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

I think most ticket systems nowadays support editing comments. If I know that, I know that the version I got mailed may be different from the version in the web interface. So I click the link in the email to read the current version of the comment in the web interface. I assume most people will know this, too. (By the way, my understanding from your comments is that you can reply directly to the ticket system email to add a comment to the ticket. I didn't know that, although I'm not extremely surprised either. :-) )

If the idea is that you can rely on the comment being the current one in the email and reply in your email client, I understand the reservations about editing comments. On the other hand, I'm not sure if replying directly to comment emails is a good idea to begin with. This might mess up the Markdown rendering in the web interface unless the email sender was extremely careful to make sure that they wrote valid Markdown, including keeping the Markdown in any quoted parts correct. Therefore, replying on the web may be preferable anyway because you can check the Markdown formatting (once you have the preview ;-) ).

Whatever the user interface for posting comments becomes I think it should be consistent with posting of ticket descriptions.

#195 Feature request: Preview and/or edit comments 11 months ago

Ticket created by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/todo.sr.ht

Along the same lines as #134, I'd like to have a way to preview comments before submitting them and/or to edit comments after submitting them.

Use cases:

  • Fix formatting (especially Markdown). This function should be available in a preview.

  • Fix wording (for example, sentences I noticed are ambigious). This would be a reason for editing because sometimes you notice only a bit later that something isn't as easy to understand as you initially thought. I'm aware that you can always add another comment to clarify, but for many cases, this seems overkill, so the clarification doesn't happen.

  • Adding a part of program output that you omitted when submitting the comment (maybe because you thought it's not relevant). Adding this output to the comment is much more concise than repeating the previously listed output together with the previously omitted output.

So in my opinion neither of preview or edit is a substitute for the other. For Markdown fixes, you'd want a preview, for text changes you'd want editing. That said, editing is the more "universal" of the two features, so if you implement only one I'd prefer edit over preview.

#32 `hg out` and `hg push` quite slow 11 months ago

Comment by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht

At this time (2019-11-04 08:13 UTC) hg out takes 8.0 seconds and hg push 8.4 seconds (three measurements each with time). Both commands were for no commits to push, if that matters.

#32 `hg out` and `hg push` quite slow 11 months ago

Ticket created by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht

This ticket probably is more to do with the Mercurial deployment than with the code for the Mercurial subsystem. Should I file this ticket somewhere else?

At around 2019-11-03 20:30 UTC and in the following 15-30 minutes I executed several hg out commands from my computer with respect to my repository https://hg.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/vppdiff/log . Most of these invocations took around 15 and in one case over 30 seconds despite a rather small repository with at that time 9 not-pushed commits. hg push was also rather slow (11 s in at least one case).

Ping latency to hg.sr.ht from my computer currently is about 110 ms, so I assume this isn't a problem with the network connection to hg.sr.ht .

#25 Mercurial bookmarks aren't pushed 1 year, 1 month ago

Comment by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht

As far as I'm concerned, you can close the ticket.

#25 Mercurial bookmarks aren't pushed 1 year, 1 month ago

Comment by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht

Is master by any chance pointed at one of those secret changesets?

Oops, yes, you're right.

I just set master to the last public changeset, pushed again with -B and it shows up in the Sourcehut web interface.

#25 Mercurial bookmarks aren't pushed 1 year, 1 month ago

Ticket created by ~sschwarzer on ~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht

It seems that Mercurial bookmarks aren't pushed even if requested.

(bm is defined as an alias for bookmark in my ~/.hgrc.)

$ hg bm                                                                         
 * master                    55:e628ceaacbe1                                    
$ hg push -B master ssh://hg@hg.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/vppdiff                       
pushing to ssh://hg@hg.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/vppdiff                                
searching for changes                                                           
no changes found (ignored 11 secret changesets)                                 
exporting bookmark master                                                       
$ cd ..                                                                         
$ rm -rf vppdiff2                                                               
$ hg clone ssh://hg@hg.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/vppdiff vppdiff2                       
requesting all changes                                                          
adding changesets                                                               
adding manifests                                                                
adding file changes                                                             
added 45 changesets with 46 changes to 5 files                                  
new changesets 44de5497252e:df38be372399                                        
updating to branch default                                                      
5 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved            
$ cd vppdiff2                                                                   
$ hg bm                                                                         
no bookmarks set                                                                
$ hg incoming -B ssh://hg@hg.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/vppdiff                          
comparing with ssh://hg@hg.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/vppdiff                            
searching for changed bookmarks
no changed bookmarks found