auto reconnect and auto resume during upload/download files

Hi, it will be nice to add auto reconnect and auto resume (of course FTP server has to support it) during upload/download files. I have some FTP servers behind unstable internet line and these features would be liked. Thank you, Hanz

ftputiluser (unverified)
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3 years ago
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schwa (unverified) 3 years ago · edit

Hi Hanz,

Thanks for your suggestions!

I don't think that an automatic reconnect is a good idea because a dropped connection could have different reasons and not all of them should lead to a reconnection attempt. I'd rather make it simpler to continue an upload or download where it was interrupted.

At the moment, a workaround is to use the rest argument in FTPHost.open and use the remote and the local file object with ftputil.file_transfer.copyfileobj.

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