Investigate virtual directories

Microsoft's FTP servers (and maybe others) have a feature called ​virtual directories where the user doesn't see all the contents of certain directories, most of all the root directoriy. The concept is a bit similar to "hidden files" starting with a dot, but doesn't depend on the names of directory items.

Some hosting providers, for example ​http://www.locaweb.com.br provide user accounts where the user doesn't see the path of their login directory from the root directory. For example, a user might get logged into /home/me although no entry home is visible in the root directory / and maybe also no me if the client looks at the /home directory.

A user ran into a problem with makedirs (see ticket #86) because of virtual directories which was the starting point for this ticket.

I'd like to find out what other functionality of ftputil might be affected if an FTPHost instance works on a server with virtual directories. Depending on the kind of limitations, I might be able to change ftputil to provide better support for accounts using virtual directories.

Note: Since I personally do not have access to an account with virtual directories, I depend on information from users who make some experiments on "their" servers that have that feature. Also, it would be very helpful if users could test ftputil patches for better virtual directory support.

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schwa (unverified) 3 years ago · edit

There's already some support for virtual directories (see ticket #86). Since I want to get a new version out I postpone this ticket (#87).

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