snixembed segfaults after a little while

I'm finding snixembed runs anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes or so then segfaults on me. Haven't been able to pin it down to a specific tray item as yet.

Running Awesome window manager on Arch Linux. My stacktrace is available at https://pastebin.com/PCaqnPbV

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8 months ago
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~steef 8 months ago

Hello! What version are you on? Version 2.2 fixes a segmentation fault to do with repeated registration (blueman-applet caused this one).

If that is not it, could you try to get a backtrace using gdb? Using VFLAGS=-g make you can build snixembed with debug symbols. The logging output from snixembed itself would also be helpful (it prints to stdout).

~evmcl 8 months ago

It's looking like it was crashing because I was starting it after my window manager and several tray apps had already started.

I've put it in my .xprofile and looks to be stable so far. Give me a few work days to try it in anger to be sure and if it looks good I'll close the issue later this week. Sorry for the hassle. Sound okay?

~steef 8 months ago

Glad it's working better now! It would be great if you could get some info on the crashes if you have the time, but no worries if you don't. I'll try to reproduce the crash by starting snixembed after some tray apps have started.

if it looks good I'll close the issue later this week. Sorry for the hassle. Sound okay? Sounds good! (If I manage to reproduce I'll reopen)

~evmcl 8 months ago

Unfortunately, does seem to still have a habit of crashing even when run from .xprofile. I've uploaded a sample of the log output at https://pastebin.com/Wak2j1TX

~steef 4 months ago

I'm sorry, I seem to have missed your last message and the pastebin has sadly expired. As Electron is back to working without SNI, you probably do not need snixembed anymore. But if you still do, and it is still crashing, I would like to look into it.

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