AppIndicator: async breaks icon changes (was: MEGAsync)

Hi, Looks there is some problem with MEGAsync app. Icon don't load up and right click menu starts working 2m after startup. It maybe only GNOME problem(?)


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~steef a month ago

Hmm, looks like they have their own tray icon implementation on top of QSystemTrayIcon. Thanks for reporting, I'll see if I can figure out what's going wrong once I get the time.

~martinpl a month ago

nextcloud-client may also affected

~steef a month ago

I'm not able to reproduce this with just starting the app. The latest commit on master makes more calls async and should help with snixembed hanging in general, but if it's really megasync that is hanging then there is not much we can do I'm afraid.

~martinpl REPORTED FIXED a month ago

Async do the job, now works good. Thanks :D

~martinpl a month ago

Hmmm async break Discord icon, its set correctly on start but after few seconds it's getting corrupted.

~steef FIXED REPORTED a month ago

Oof, thanks for catching that one! Looks like Ayatana may change the IconThemePath property when a new icon is set. I'm playing with it, hope to get a fix out soon.

Re-opening this to track this new bug.

~steef 27 days ago

While it does change IconThemePath, it also seems to set it to nonexistent paths sometimes, which doesn't help. So I now have a build that works sometimes. I will do some more debugging, but this may be an external bug.

~steef REPORTED FIXED 25 days ago

3357af7d now has the same behaviour as before the async change. Icons work with the latest node version. (the previous one had a bug as above.) Going to mark this as fixed.

Also, the newest node version brings back the old XEmbed icons again, so most likely snixembed won't be needed (at least for a while) Soon (TM)! Unless you rely on chromium tray icons.

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